An Honest Blog Content Strategy

15th June 2015 , Written by

Developing content strategy for any blog can be a challenge, regardless whether it’s for a personal blog or a professional/corporate blog.

The problem that I’ve continually seen is that we all have a tendency to make content strategy documents that are far too complex. In fact, we may all have a tendency to make most things in our lives too complex… right?

The problem is that strategy, in most cases, is a utility that seeks to make things simpler and easier to accomplish. And writing, of course, is anything but easy. You know this already, right?

Writing content for your blog doesn’t ever get any easier because (like most creative endeavors) the process, and more importantly the demands, never change: To create something out of nothing, to capture fleeting thoughts, and then turn them into cogent arguments.

Consequently, any form of complex or “robust” strategy will neither help nor will it necessarily make things much easier for the writer, will it? What I’ve discovered, though, is that there are a few helpful “types” of content that have helped create a fruitful atmosphere for my mind to tinker with ideas that may eventually form into something worth sharing (Oh, and if you’d like to call this a so-called strategy, you’re welcome to it!). They are two simple questions that I ask myself. Here they are:

What is something that I’ve learned recently that is important enough to pass on to others?

Have I heard any great stories recently that need to be shared?

Take a moment and roll these prompts through your mind for a moment – I bet you can come up with a few blog posts right on the spot. Now, of course, is the hard part: You have to go write them down and publish them for the world to read. And you are on your own for that part! Good luck! Always remember that helping others (through education and sharing your own learning) and storytelling is really the heartbeat of nearly all the great content that’s out there these days. Write and share liberally, for your own sake and others!