About Us



Rootgate Hosting, Cloud and Business solution firm. Our inspiration comes from the CLOUD. We are masters in the field of Hosting, Network, and Business solutions. We own our own cloud infra-structure, and most of all we are client centric, that’s why we have a strict SLA that preserves all customer’s rights, not to mention that we have a dedicated Arabic support team that all their concern is to keep you satisfied.

Rootgate IoT Cloud is a managed cloud service that lets connected devices easily and securely connect with our backend cloud applications infrastructure. It can process, rout, and manage messages to our endpoints and to other devices reliably and securely. Your applications can keep track of and communicate with all your devices, all the time. Our infrastructure can support a wide range of applications which make it easy for implementation and ready with one click. With our solutions your IoT data is protected and you have the ability to build, gather, process, analyze and act on your IoT data generated by connected devices, without having to manage any infrastructure.


Our level of quality service compete’s with the global market, and that is proved in the clients that we worked and still working with.
Our main aim is to ease your hosting life for your business, and guarantee great ROI.
We’ve been known among our customers by being highly responsive and professional in what we do.

Our uniqueness comes from:
Owing a Cloud infrastructure
Provision of Architect solutions
Being updated with the Latest technologies
Highly availability
High security and reliability.
Strict SLA we provide to our customers.

Products and Services: 

Managed hosting

  • Dedicated Server
  • Clustering
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud hosting
  • IoT
  • Cloud VPS
  • Hybrid solution
  • Enterprise solution
  • Backup solution

Business Solutions:

  • Web content solutions
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Newspaper solutions
  • Business Applications:
    • Domain name
    • Corporate emails
    • Drive
    • Docs
    • Office applications
    • Live chat.

We promise you:

  • Great Support
  • High level of Security
  • Planning
  • Disaster recovery and backup.