Email solution IBM Verse

Email solution IBM Verse The who, what, when and where of your workday: Examination based interchanges and cooperation platform. Not at all like normal email, it investigates your work examples and encourages you organize. Data, individuals and tasks are exhibited through a customized, clutter free interface that foresees what you require, when you require it you don't have to experience your email and calendar to discover it. IBM Verse likewise coordinates cooperation abilities like texting, document sharing and connections to.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Exchange primarily enables an organization to configure and host email and collaboration services. In a Microsoft Exchange messaging system/environment, Microsoft Exchange Server is installed on a Windows Server operating system and provides the server-side services and features, whereas Microsoft Exchange Client is installed at client nodes. Each incoming email is first received at the Exchange Server and is then routed to the destination client. In addition to email services, Microsoft Exchange also provides utilities such as: Contact.


You have a static website with tones of visitors and wish not to lose any of them and make them extremely happy while navigating through your website and going from page to another in a matter of no time, then you sure will need our professional CDN solution. For those who don't know what CDN is; The goal of a CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance.


Web Hosting Management, Who said you have to have an account on RootGate in order to offer you Management. We are kind enough to give you all the management and support  your website needs. Whether seeking guidance and support along your journey, or a dedicated team of experts, we have an option that will help you succeed.  

Statement of Support

At RootGate we totally understand how critical it is to trust and settle on a hosting provider, and so in order for us to grant you the security and trust you deserve, we’ve developed a support statement that will guarantee and protect all your rights. As we grow together in the service provision and your new requests, third parties such as applications and software providers get along with us, it is very important for you to know what is included.

SSL Certificates

Its very important to gain your customer's trust and confidence, in order to be able to close the deal with them. You can't obtain your customers trust  that they give you their personal data when shopping on your website unless you are 100% secure. An SSL certificate from RootGate is the easy, affordable way to secure your website and increase sales. SSL acts as your online ID card proving that what you say who you are on your website is true. It.


If you are facing difficulties with your current supplier and wish to move right away with no disaster, then you've came to the right place. Our expert team of engineers will move your website the right away, so you don't have to worry about any downtime. We will get your website up and running just like how you deserve, quickly and easily.

Shared hosting

Just built your website and you are new to the market? then Rootgate is the best start for you. Our Shared hosting service will be your ultimate choice as we will deliver a powerful, proven platform that's perfect for hosting your business websites, and we will also support your new business and be with you side by side as you grow.  

Ecommerce solution

Ecommerce solution Rootgate reliable and convenient managed Ecommerce hosting will keep your platform running with securely, high performance and available cloud infrastructure. Our friendly expertise will assist you with all needed support 24/7/365 – you don’t need to hire IT department. Your platform should never shut down at any time. Thus, Rootgate will provide for all of its customers an exquisite SAAS Ecommerce solution that perfectly integrates with banking services, payment gateways and couriers in a very high secure level..

Web content solutions

Your business depends mainly on your website and on the content presented in it, and there is no space for downtime or load time due to the high traffic and visits you get everyday? We have experts that can take care or your website and keep it running around the clock with no downtime, they keep an eye on your website and monitor  its performance  and can scale to meet the demands of any event or traffic. We offer you variety.